UPI & IoT based Condom Vending Machine.

UPI & IoT based Condom Vending Machine.

At Feraiya Technology, we are dedicated to revolutionizing access to essential sexual health products. Our condom vending machines are designed with cutting-edge features to ensure convenience, privacy, and reliability for our customers. Here's a closer look at the key features of our innovative vending machines


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Pan India Clients

24/7 Convenience

Buy condoms anytime, anywhere, ensuring constant accessibility.

UPI Payment Accepted

Secure transactions via any UPI app, ensuring convenience.

Simple Interface

Effortless condom selection, making purchases hassle-free for all.

Flexible Sizing

Accommodates all condom box sizes seamlessly, ensuring versatility.

Our Vision

"We are committed to overcoming any challenges, such as stock shortages or technical glitches, to achieve a 99.9% success rate. Through this dedication, we aim to foster unwavering trust among our customers in our vending machines."

Our Mission

"Our mission is that there should be only one way to buy a condom, and that should be a vending machine. People should forget that condoms can also buy from medical shops, or it should be a secondary option."

Our Products

Condome Vending Machine

Condome Vending Machine's

Discover reliable condom vending machine solutions tailored for modern needs, brought to you by Feraiya Technology. Convenience, innovation, and discretion combined.

Feraiya All in One Vending Machine

Feraiya All in One Vending Machine

Adjustable stacking system fits any size box (10's or 3's piece) with a maximum dimension of 135 x 75 x 35 mm.

Feraiya 3 Piece Vending Machine

Feraiya 3 Piece Vending Machine

Specifically designed for small-sized boxes (3's piece), with a maximum dimension of 70 x 70 x 25 mm, ideal for compact spaces.

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What our clients say

Discover the positive experiences shared by our clients after purchasing condoms vending machine.


Eshita Goswami

Marketing Manager - Manforce

Using UPI with this vending machine is so much easier to use! No more scrambling for change or worrying about cash. Highly recommend!

Rahul Gohil

Shyam Medical

New innovation, Great experience. I highly recommend Feraiya Technology Private Limited's condom vending machine

Nirav Bhai

Hotel Bluestar

Very useful machine. I have a good experience with Feraiya Techanology condom vending machine. Never disappoint me.