Size (LBH) : 476 x 278 x 606 mm
Number of stack : 4
Product Per Stack : 12 to 25 As per thickness of product
Product Size : Adjustable stacking system, Fit for any size of Box 10's or 3's piece box
Max Dimention : 135 x 75 x 35 mm
Price : WiFi only - 30,000 Rs, Wifi And Sim - 32,000 Rs

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Adjustable stacking system

the Feraiya All In One Condom Vending features an adaptable stacking system, allowing you to customize the stack to accommodate either a 3-piece or 10-piece box as needed.

More storage capacity

the Feraiya All In One Condom Vending offers ample space, enabling you to conveniently store approximately 20 boxes per stack.

3.5” display

the Feraiya All In One Condom Vending boasts a vibrant 3.5-inch display, enhancing the customer experience with crisp visuals and intuitive interaction. Dive into immersive content and navigate effortlessly with the clarity and responsiveness of our advanced display technology.

Large showcase window

Feraiya All In One Condom Vending comes with large & beautiful showcase window with beautiful led lighting system, from where customer can choose their favourite product.

Easy user interface.

Unlocking your shopping experience with simplicity, the large variant offers a straightforward three-step process: Click to select your product, Pay securely, and receive your purchase promptly. Seamlessly navigate from selection to satisfaction in just three easy steps.

Outdoor dispatching system

with the Feraiya All In One Condom Vending, your product emerges directly from the vending machine, eliminating the hassle of searching at collection areas. Enjoy the convenience of instant retrieval, right where you need it.

UPI Integrated system

the Feraiya All In One Condom Vending comes equipped with seamless UPI payment system integration, empowering customers to conveniently make payments through any UPI app. additionally, it features a fixed amount QR code display, eliminating the need for manual entry of payment amounts and ensuring a hassle-free checkout experience.

IOT enabled system

the Feraiya All In One Condom Vending features an IoT-enabled system, ensuring continuous 24/7 internet connectivity for seamless monitoring of the vending machine in real-time. Stay in control and effortlessly oversee machine operations around the clock.

Application for Real time monitoring

the Feraiya All In One Condom Vending introduces an intuitive application for real-time monitoring of machine operations. With this app, you gain access to comprehensive data including online status, stock availability, stock updates, sales data, and an interactive dashboard. Stay informed and in control, all from the palm of your hand.

Easy to update stock

with our mobile application, you have the flexibility to update stock in the machine anytime, anywhere, putting control right in your hands.

Waterproof & tough body

the Feraiya All In One Condom Vending boasts a theft-proof, rugged mild steel body, ensuring maximum security against theft or damage. Additionally, its waterproof construction allows for versatile outdoor usage, providing peace of mind wherever you place it.

Easy to install

the Feraiya All In One Condom Vending features a simple 4-screw mounting system, facilitating effortless installation on any wall. Enjoy the convenience of quick and easy setup for your vending machine.

Automatic refund system

In the event of an error or product dispatch failure, the machine autonomously identifies the issue and promptly offers customers an instant refund for their payment. Furthermore, upon detecting an error, the machine securely locks the affected stack, ensuring that until the issue is resolved, the next customer cannot purchase products from that particular stack.

Flexibility to swap products from the stack at any time

the machine owner has the flexibility to change the product of a specific stack at any time, facilitated by a user-friendly system for effortless product swapping on demand.

24 Hours availability

the Feraiya All In One Condom Vending ensures round-the-clock availability, empowering customers to conveniently purchase products from the vending machine at any hour of the day or night.